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The first demonstration of compassion and the first ever MetaStone NFT to be revealed is the Dragon Stone. This incredibly rare MetaStone will be auctioned for charity on 10th February 2024 to celebrate the Lunar New Year.

This moment heralds the beginning of the year of the Wood Dragon. A year that celebrates imagination and new ideas.

☯️ This unique auction will see the first ten MetaStone artifacts revealed. The winner of the auction will receive the Dragon Stone and nine random losing bids (the Nine) will receive a free Origin StoneKeeper for their participation.
(Note: The more bids you have in the auction, the more chance you have of gaining a free StoneKeeper.)

☯️ These first ten artifacts ever revealed (the Dragon Stone and the Nine) will see all secondary royalties that may be generated by them also going to the MetaStone DAO’s Compassion Treasury. With all funds from the treasury being donated to charities as chosen by the MetaStone DAO.

Whoever holds a stone
holds the future


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